Herro! My name is Candace, I'm an independent designer from Hawaii currently living in Texas. I am the one-man operation that is super good clothing.

When I am not creating images to be printed on torso coverings, or assembling jewelry as my own underpaid asian laborer, I enjoy hula hooping, karaoke, and the TV show Bonanza. I like other things in addition to those things and will hopefully fix up this page one of these days to add more things!! (let me says "things" one more time) Until then, I'm going to try and update my cosplay/dress-up blog. (but I apologize in advance if that does not happen. which seems very likely. haha)

ps- If you're wondering, I chose the name super good because I wanted to use a phrase that I liked, but ALSO did not care if I ever got sick of it. (so far so good)

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